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Does my roof have hail damage?

Roof damage can be tricky to diagnose, home owners typically  believe as long as their roof is not leaking there isn't a problem.  However, storm damage can be found quickly upon inspection, while leaks don't present themselves until years after a storm and at that point the insurance claim period has expired!  Play it safe and give us a call for a complimentary roof inspection.

Exposed Fiberglass or Missing Granules

When we come to inspect your roof we typically look for areas where hail has removed the granules and exposed fiberglass.  These problem areas can quickly deteriorate and escalate to a roof leak.   Other more obvious signs of damage may include missing shingles or interior water damage.

Neighbors Getting New Roofs

If neighbors in your community are having their roofs replaced this is typically an indicator that recent storms were substantial enough to damage your roof even if there are no missing shingles or roof leaks.  At this point you may want to call your insurance adjuster for an inspection of your roof.

Schedule a Free Inspection

If you think that your roof has been damaged contact us to schedule a complementary inspection.   We are a happy to meet with your insurance adjuster to highlight problem areas and help validate a claim.